How To Use CBD For Asthma

The benefits that CBD brings to our body need to be investigated more rigorously. The few studies that there are on the effects that this component of Cannabis has in the treatment of asthma have quite promising results.

The main benefits of CBD for asthma are:

– Reduction of bronchial spasms: Bronchial spasms or bronchospasms are sudden contractions of the lung muscles. These spasms cause respiratory distress. In some cases, it can become quite a serious attack. CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing or eradicating such spasms. In this way, the bronchioles are opened, and the respiratory duct is dilated.

This effect also reduces the pain that some people may suffer caused by the inability to breathe or with severe asthma attacks. Muscular spasticity causes pressure on the lungs and stress on the adjacent muscles. CBD contributes to the relaxation of the body and lung muscles, so the airways expand and allow easy breathing.

-Reduction of inflammation: those who suffer from asthma suffer from inflammations at various levels of bronchi and bronchioles. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease; that is, it happens to them even when the condition is not active.

When activated, that is, during attacks, the inflammation increases and causes constrictions due to muscle spasms. The lungs are also reduced, and that makes breathing difficult. CBD works by reducing such inflammation of the airways, thus allowing the flow of oxygen.

Other studies have found that CBD reduces levels of TH2 and TP ctiokines, so CBD would have an effect on excess mucous secretion from external stimuli that cause allergies.

Ways to consume CBD for asthma

Most asthma treatments involve the use of inhalers. An alternative may be vaporizers with CBD. With vaporization, CBD can help fight asthma attacks, as this element is at its maximum concentration. Furthermore, it has no negative effects on the throat or lungs.

The advantages of CBD vaporization are that, if done correctly, it will allow the patient to breathe deeper and expand the lungs to avoid narrowing of the airways. This process does not irritate the system.

There are also disadvantages to consuming CBD in the form of steam since, in some cases, it may generate a cough, and this may contribute to the worsening of other symptoms.

Another way to consume CBD to treat asthma is to use CBD oil orally. Placing a few drops under the tongue and letting the body absorb it. There are also capsules, although, in this way, their effects will not be the same since much will be lost when digested.

CBD Dosage to Treat Asthma

Each person suffers from different types of asthma and at different levels. There is, therefore, a universal dose of CBD consumption.

In a previous article, we already mentioned that the recommended doses would depend on the product in use and the person. Daily consumption of CBD is required to be effective in most people. If not, the dose may be increased until symptoms improve.

It is important to always consult an experienced physician before using CBD or making dose changes, especially if pharmaceutical medications are used.

Research on the effectiveness of CBD for asthma

During the last years, various scientific studies have been carried out to check the effects of CBD in the treatment of asthma.

This could be a possibility of producing drugs or CBD treatments, thus allowing patients to control attacks caused by the disease.